Rants & rAVes — Episode 1200: Logitech Brings Logi Dock, the New Brio 305 and Logitech Sight to ISE 2023

ISE2023 Rants and Raves 1200

On episode 1200 of my Rants & rAVes videocast, Logitech’s director, business strategy, Nathan Coutinho, joined to talk about what the company has planned for ISE 2023. In addition to making its worldwide debut with the new Brio 305 (a 1080p camera available in four colors), Logitech will being its meeting equity solution in the form of the Logitech Sight (an AI-powered camera that’s amps up what you can do on Teams, Zoom and Meet). But, there’s more! Watch this videocast and plan to stop by Logitech’s stand, 2M400, at ISE 2023 in Barcelona. In the meantime, here’s an ISE blog from Logitech, too!