Rants & rAVes — Episode 1119: You May Not Know INOGENI Now, But You Will Soon

rants and raves 1119

Everyone can think of at least one AV product they wish existed on the market. Well, if it has to do with USB switching or mixing HDMI and USB sources together, INOGENI probably has it. INOGENI will be at InfoComm 2022 (booth W1366) showing a handful of these new products including TOGGLE, a three-input USB 3.0 switcher; 4KX-PLUS, an HDMI-to-USB-3.0 converter for Cisco Webex (or any other USB platform that you’d like to use to share HDMI sources) and, the flagship SHARE2 and SHARE2U, two-input HDMI-to-USB and USB-to-USB switchers, respectively.

INOGENI Founder and CTO Gilles Chouinard and CMO Jean-Pierre Simard joined Gary Kayye on this episode of Rants & rAVes to talk about how the company focuses on BYOM, BYOD and in-house UC production applications. But, at InfoComm, they will debut something called the U-CAM, a USB-3-camera-to-HDMI converter that, among other applications, is the perfect companion to bring the Huddly Canvas whiteboard camera into any UCC platform including any Cisco Codec. This is worth watching and will absolutely make you want to go see this booth at InfoComm (in the West Hall)!