Rants & rAVes — Episode 1093: DTEN is the Hidden Gem of Zoom-Certified Collaboration Devices

rants and raves 1093

Big brands tend to get all the big-time coverage. Yet, one of the coolest and most progressive Zoom-certified companies, DTEN, may be the ultimate UC&C partner for both integrators and end users. DTEN is the “everything Zoom” company and it has just about anything you’d need for a meeting room (if your users are Zoom people). This company also has one of the best personal collaboration systems in the DTEN ME (it’s a product you’ll likely see repackaged in an application like a virtual concierge/receptionist). In this Rants & rAVes episode, Gary was joined by DTEN’s Scott Krueckeberg, the head of strategic alliances, to talk all things Zoom as well the company’s presence at this year’s Enterprise Connect show. Watch as he hints at some forthcoming awesomeness…