Rants & rAVes — Episode 1091: Here’s Why Integrators Should Bring End Users to the E4 Experience

rants and raves 1091 1

Next week in Anaheim, California,  Almo Pro A/V will kick off the 2022 E4 Experience tour — an annual regional show with 50+ manufacturers of AV, UCC and Digital Signage gear. AV integrators in Southern California have always been big supporters of the E4 Experience (now in its 12th year). But don’t forget: The 2022 event also provides you an opportunity to show the newest tech to your end-user partners too. So, what do you get by attending an E4, besides free breakfast and lunch? Watch this interview between rAVe’s Gary Kayye and Almo Pro A/V’s own VP marketing and communication, Melody Craigmyle. Register to attend here (it’s March 22 at the Anaheim Marriott): www.E4experience.com.