The No-BS Video Interview with CEDIA Expo’s Jason McGraw — And, a Kind (and Perfect) Message to Exhibitors and Attendees

rants episode 1054

There’s probably no one fielding more complaints, confusing calls or questions in the market today than Emerald’s CEDIA Expo VP Jason McGraw. Is CEDIA happening? Can we get a refund if we pull out? Are masks required? Do I need to bring proof of vaccination if I attend? Will anyone show up? Why isn’t Emerald canceling CEDIA? How many companies have pulled out and how many still remain? IF I attend, will anyone be there? All those and about eight other key questions are answered in this videocast. But, best of all, Jason delivers THE PERFECT response to ANYONE complaining about CEDIA not caring about attendees or exhibitors and being in this “for the money.” His response to this was perfect and shows why Jason is one of the most-liked people ever in AV.