Rants & rAVes — Episode 1047: Here’s the Scoop on the Almo Pro A/V HoloPod From ARHT Media

rants raves 1047

Gary was joined by Almo Pro A/V and ARHT Media today to talk about the new all-in-one HoloPod — a $55,000 3D HoloPresence Display solution for business. This is truly game-changing, and every AV integrator should sell this to corporate AV, any judicial branch of the government or any coworking space provider. Watch, and you’ll see why — then register for this webinar where you’ll be able to see a live demo: https://www.almoproav.com/education/list/webinars

So, if you’ve ever had your mind blown by the cost of a speaker engagement fee (a one-hour speaking fee is actually paying for approximately 72 hours of the speaker’s time plus their cost of travel), then check out HoloPod — leveraging ARHT Media’s proprietary HoloPresence Technology. “Beam” premium talent from around the world in real-time with real audience interaction.