Rants and rAVes — Episode 997: Here’s a LIVE Demo of the VDO360 2SEE USB Camera Integrated with a Far-Field Mic Array

Rants and rAVes episode 997

Almo Pro A/V’s Stephen McKay joined Gary on his videocast to do a LIVE demo of the VDO360 2SEE USB Camera — designed to be a work-from-anywhere personal conferencing device. Using a native 1080p (30fps) camera and four integrated mics, the 2SEE includes echo cancellation and automatic gain control; you’ll see (and hear) it demonstrated as Stephen walks 15+ feet away from the camera in this live videocast. Also, Stephen not only gave Gary a sneak peek of the all-new 3SEE (a USB-C camera with a mic array AND a speaker: all-in-one) but also showed us the VDO360 1SEE (the only micro-UCC camera with a built-in USB pass-through port). Almo Pro A/V offers bundles of the 1SEE and 2SEE with the Yamaha YVC-200 Bluetooth speakerphone. All of this is at and