Rants and rAVes — Episode 969: Ever Wondered How Experiential Marketing, Entertainment or Amusement Park Venues Use AV?

Rants 969rAVe founder, Gary Kayye, has always been a giant fan of immersive entertainment experiences – ride simulations at amusement parks, experiential retail venues and immersive movie theaters. And, he’s always wondered what it takes, from an AV perspective, to design and integrate them. So, he asked Barco‘s own Leander Werbrouck, to join him to talk all-about-immersive experiences. If you want to design and integrate the future of Av, this is it – so, listen to this podcast and then reach out to Leander!


And, for those of you who’ve already listened to the podcast, the two immersive installations mentioned in this podcast are:

ARTECHOUSE: https://www.artechouse.com/nyc

LIGHTS ON VAN EYCK: https://lightsonvaneyck.be