Rants and rAVes — Episode 917: What, Where, Who and Why is Stem Audio a Thing?

A start-up from a bunch of audio engineers debuted at InfoComm earlier this year under the moniker, Stem Audio  Touting an ecosystem approach to solving audio quality, connectivity and usability in UCC spaces, Stem launched a family of 5 products, a wall-mount, table-top and ceiling-mount mic/speaker that connects via USB or “the network” a touch-screen controller and a Hub. It’s secret-sauce, if you will, is its RoomDesign management software platform that lets you design, build, quote, guides you through set-up and even certifies room sound quality. And, it became available yesterday, via any web browser, for you to use to build, spec and order a Stem Audio system.
With that news in mind, Gary reconnected with Stem’s CEO, Jacob Marash, to explain their launch plan. Listen and give it a try yourself: https://www.stemaudio.com/roomdesign/