Rants and rAVes — Episode 865: SDVoE Hopes to Transform the Matrix at InfoComm

SDVoE’s President, Justin Kennington, talked InfoComm 2019 on today’s podcast — including an interesting in-booth (1143) demo that will include a 4 x 4 matrix switch built both using SDVoE and using traditional matrix switching gear (in fact, here’s a blog Justin wrote about that earlier this year). What they hope to show is the added-value of interoperability (each SDVoE manufacturer’s gear is compatible with the others) as well as multi-viewer (or what I’ve been calling digital canvasing) – where you can put multiple pieces of content on one screen (or multiple screens) simultaneously. Justin also highlights a few of his favorite in-booth classes planned for InfoComm 2019 (full schedule is here). Listen and plan to put booth 1143 on your InfoComm 2019 schedule!