Rants and rAVes — Episode 850: XTEN-AV is About to Make D-Tools Obsolete

We are not kidding with that headline. D-Tools will not survive the capabilities of XTEN-AV — nor can they compete with their pricing model. Don’t believe me, watch this demo and you tell me what D-Tools does that this doesn’t do? And, then, compare what you’re paying for D-Tools to what you’d pay for this — and, oh by the way, this does more than D-Tools does. Vib Singh and Sahil Dhingra, from XTEN-AV, joined Gary on this video cast to demo — in real-time — the capabilities of XTEN-AV’s AI-based cloud-driven software platform for developing AV system designs based on AVIXA published standards and design guidelines. You NEED to watch this demo as this will turn ANY sales person into a systems designer. They’ll be at booth 4347 at InfoComm 2019 and you need to go by there and sign up to use this software.