Rants and rAVes — Episode 819: A Review of the Nureva ISE Presence with Rob Abbott

Rants and rAVes —

Nureva added a new feature to their HDL 300 Microphone Mist and Speaker-bar offering at ISE 2019 called Active Zone Control  AS a user of the HDL 300, this is the perfect feature addition for rAVe founder, Gary Kayye, and his UNC classroom. In his case, the HDL 300 is used as a microphone array system to capture and record any and all lectures he delivers into an Extron SMP (H.264 streaming media recorder). As he normally stands at the front of the room to teach, the active zone control allows you, through their DSP, to focus the primary microphone pick-up point in the front of the room — where he stands to lecture. But, there were more launches at ISE and Gary was joined with Nureva’s VP of Products, Rob Abbott  today to talk all about what Nureva offered at ISE — oh, and here’s a direct link to all the product videos we shot at ISE, too.