Rants and rAVes —Episode 815: AV People #12: Meet Meghan Athavale – An Interactive Pioneer in AV

Rants and rAVes —

Few people know how to engage an audience into LITERALLY interacting with a screen as well as my featured AV People guest today, Meghan Athavale. Her LUMOplay system is creativity at its finest. If you haven’t heard of LUMOplay, you should go check it out here, now: https://www.lumoplay.com. What you’ll see, immediately, are self-playing videos of kids – lots of kids – interacting with virtual environments using projection technology in ways the projector manufacturers only dream of. How’d she do all this? Well, she started out, some 22 years ago, in animation (when it was all done via hand) the rest is documented in today’s podcast! She’s the CEO of Lumo Interactive and has a story you’ll love.