Rants and rAVes — Episode 789: TASCAM’s Zone Mixers — Are These the Audio Industry’s Best Kept Secret?

At one time, TASCAM (under the TEAC name) was a prolific manufacturer of mixing consoles — remember the Model 15? In the late 1970’s it was the standard. TASCAM re-entered the mixing console business with the Model 24 earlier this year and now they’ve launched the MZ-223 (three output) and the MZ-372 (dual output) rack-mountable zone mixers. TASCAM’s Joe Stopka, Vice President of Sales and Business Development, joined Gary on today’s podcast to talk about the applications of each of these new mixers – aimed at bars, restaurants, churches, retail and school applications. The A is still a big (and more profitable) part of AV and this is worth listening to as it’s highly likely you have applications for these mixers — and these are simple to use. Oh, and listen to the end as Joe talks about a new program TASCAM has aimed directly at contractors — including a new 2-year warranty.