Rants and rAVes — Episode 788: AV People #9: Meet Lainie Mataras – Regional Sales Manager for Sapphire Marketing

Rants and rAVes —Among Lainie Mataras’s many talents is the ability to fold a t-shirt, perfectly, while blindfolded. No, seriously, she can do that. Lainie has some unique talents and that, along with the ability to make fiends with 5000 people in 25-years, have made her an invaluable resource to both Crestron and Sapphire. Lainie’s been in AV for over 26-years and wants to help mentor young women coming into AV now – and, on this AV People podcast, she shares her experience growing-up-in-AV and what the most impressive, game-changing product was for her during her AV life. Enjoy!