Rants and rAVes — Episode 786: TASCAM’s CD-400U is an All-In-One Audio Solution for Entertainment Audio Installs

Rants and rAVes —

If you’ve ever spec’d an audio media server, imagine one that served up EVERY kind of content in a restaurant, bar, coffee-shop, retail store or school install. Well, the TASCAM CD-400U does just that — and more. Yes, it’s a CD-player — think 80’s. But, it’s one that is network and RS232 controllable and includes a USB-stick for playing any content via USB. It has integrated audio storage via a built-in media player that plays WAV, MP3, AAC and WMA format files, it has an AM/FM tuner and is integrated with Bluetooth for any wireless audio source. SO, you think you don’t need a CD player — think again. It’s the topic of today’s podcast, too!