Rants and rAVes — Episode 726: rAVe Scoop: Paul Harris Debuts New Open Source JavaScript-Based Control Platform for ProAV Market

Aurora Multimedia founder, Paul Harris, is using InfoComm to announce and release a new JavaScript-based control platform for the ProAV market. Dubbed ReAX  his intention is to make it freely available, via a non-profit alliance at www.reax.org, to any and all AV manufacturers that need to have their gear controlled. His reason? He thinks the market is ripe for an open-source, simpler control protocol. This hasn’t been announced or spoken about anywhere else – prior to today’s podcast – so, if you want to know all the details on how it works, who’s adopting it and why he did it, watch and listen to this interview with Paul. Oh, in case you we wondering, yes, he is heading to InfoComm with a bunch of new AV-over-IP products including a 10G wall plate based on SDVoE and a new set of 1G products, too. All of it is covered here!

Watch the videocast below to learn about ReAX!