Rants and rAVes — Episode 681: Want to See a 128 x 128 AV-over-IP System Work? IDK Has One!

Rants and rAVes —

Certainly a debrief about how IDK felt about exhibiting at their first ISE Show in Amsterdam — with their SDVoE-based AV-over-IP solution NINJAR — was required on this podcast with IDK’s Chris Miller and Ryohei Iwasaki, but the best part wasn’t even podcast-related. While preparing for the podcast, they let me see a top-secret IDK Japan-made video of a 128 input by 128 output AV-over-IP system running in real-time over video. I begged them to allow me to make that video public and they relented – this is exactly what people want to see: proof-of-concept. You can watch it here. We did shoot a video on their NINJAR product (the product running that 128 x 128 system) while we were at ISE and you can see that video here.

So, after watching it, tell me what you think? I want to hear from he AV-over-IP naysayers out there. How can you not believe this is on the horizon after watching that proof-of-concept video? Listen to this podcast with IDK below!