Rants and rAVes — Episode 643: Barco Uses rAVe RADIO to Debut UniSee LCD Panel VideoWall Line

Rants and rAVes —

With their new product UniSeeBarco is doing something that no company’s ever done in the video wall market – launching a turn-key product that includes a completely bezel-less 55” LCD monitor integrated with a purpose-built mount (specifically for UniSee) and integrated with a modular electronics design. Yes, it’s three things in one: a native 1080p panel with NO BEZEL, a mount that’s specifically made for the 55” UniSee panel that’s designed so that ONE PERSON can install an entire video wall without ANY previous video wall integration experience and, by the way, the power and input electronics are integrated into the mount. 

Yes, it sounds like a lot but it’s built this way to simplify video wall integration. And, when we say bezel-less, it’s literally bezel-less – not virtually bezel-less. When integrated as a video wall, the separation between UniSee pixels, from one display to the next, is 1.09mm – right now, the LCD with the smallest bezel is nearly 3mm separation between pixels. 

Want to hear more? Listen to today’s podcast with Barco’s VP Sales Enterprise, Hans Dekeyser, as he explains how they make it (where the LCD factory is – no, they don’t OEM this monitor, they make it -and the mount- themselves) and how the modular design simplifies installation. And, afterwards, check out the PDF brochure on UniSee here. And, the UniSee lineup is all here.