Rants and rAVes — Episode 604: What is the SDVoE Alliance and Why Should You Care?

Gary was joined on today’s podcast by Justin Kennington — the president of the SDVoE (Software Defined Video Over Ethernet) Alliance.  There are nearly 20 members of the alliance that (sort of) is trying to standardize the way that AV is sent via IP. Most of the companies are network-based AV signal distribution companies using the AptoVision chip technology for providing 10G AV-over-IP systems to the market. But, not all members are – some are display manufacturers (e.g. Sony), some are network switch companies (e.g. Netgear) and some are chip manufacturers (e.g. XILINX). Justin explains what the Alliance is doing now and when/where he sees the future of AV-over-IP in the future. SDVoE is at InfoCom in booth 3729.