Rants and rAVes — Episode 584: LG at DSE is Not Just OLED

Rants and rAVes —

There’s no question that LG‘s brand-new OLED Wallpaper is the most popular new display format at DSE (thanks to the fact that it’s half-the-thickness of an iPhone)  -and, they’re showing it as a stand-along 55” display, in a curved wall as well as an in-glass dual-sided display. But, LG is here in Las Vegas for the annual signage show also showing their new direct-view 1mm LED product as well as their large form-factor LCD and 4K LCD displays. So, Gary was joined by LG’s VP of Business Development, Dan Smith, on today’s podcast who talked about all three and LG’s leadership in each technology. 

Of course, you an see LG’s offerings at www.lge.com or you can follow their DSE launches at www.ravepubs.com/dse2017