Rants and rAVes – Episode 17: Polycom’s Bold and Market-Leading Videoconferencing Move

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Gary Kayye's Rants and rAVes

Earlier this month, Polycom held a big, big press conference. At most press conferences, companies tell you how their new product is game-changing — and rarely do they live up to the hype. But, in this case, Polycom delivered. They’ve changed the face of videoconferencing forever by launching not only more affordable solutions, but also cloud-based solutions that are compatible with 3rd party video apps like Facebook, Google Talk and Skype.

So, what does this all meant to the integrator? Well, listen as I talk to Polycom’s JohnAntanaitis, Craig Richardson and Randy Riebe and they explain it all. And, pay special attention to the last part of the interview as it gives you a glimpse into how an AV dealer can make a lot of money in videoconferencing in the future with CloudAXIS.

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