Rants & rAVes — Episode 1202: Wow, Sharp/NEC Will Be the Talk of ISE 2023; Watch This!

ISE2023 Rants and Raves 1202
Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe took to my Rants & rAVes videocast today to detail its ISE 2023 plans — starting with a 100% recyclable and sustainable booth. Yep, the company is using a booth in which everything in it is either recyclable or has already been recycled. Also, it will include new 21:9 aspect-ratio LEDs (perfect for the Microsoft Teams Front Row feature), 32:9 display configurations using interactive LCDs and a center-mounted camera, two new high-brightness (8,000 and 17,000 lumens) projectors, new OPS and SDM modules for universal input options and a command-and-control solution, too! Check out Sharp/NEC at ISE 2023 on stand 3E600. Enjoy this talk with both Ian Barnard, senior vice president marketing & product management, and Tobias Augustin, manager product management. ALL this is shown on this videocast, too!