Rants and rAVes — Episode 1029: The Sony REA-C1000 Is, Literally, the Best-Kept Secret in AV Right Now

rants raves 1029

The Sony REA-C1000 has won four industry awards — including two from rAVe — and you’d never know it. Dubbed the “Edge Analytics Appliance,” the REA-C1000 is really four separate products in one: a chroma-key-less CG Overlay (meaning it can generate a virtual background anywhere at any time without a green screen), a PTZ auto-tracking system, a handwriting extraction generator and a streaming appliance. Yep, all four — in one box.

Gary first saw this product a couple of years ago but was given a one-on-one demo of the REA-C1000 a few months ago by Sony Sales Support Engineer Kianna Pompa. He was so impressed by it that he asked her to join him on today’s videocast for a live demo, followed by a Sony-made four-minute sizzle reel that explains EXACTLY how the REA-C1000 works. This video is well worth your time, and after watching it, you’ll want one, too! (P.S. the REA-C1000 is now available from Almo Pro A/V!)