Rants and rAVes — Episode 1024: The ‘State of the Display Market’ Webinar Will Be an Epic Battle Between Gary Kayye and Jonathan Brawn

rants and raves 1024

For the first time ever, Gary Kayye and Jonathan Brawn will be presenting together. Both AVIXA Educator of the Year recipients, Gary and Jonathan are well-known and respected as some of the most knowledgeable display technologists in the AV market — Jonathan, a flat-panel display guru, and Gary, a projection and LED tech expert. Dec. 17 will mark the first time they’ve ever presented together — but this will NOT be a normal webinar. It will include a LIVE debate between Gary and Jonathan taking different sides on which technology is best for each application. It will be fun and also an incredible opportunity to learn a lot from them both.

The webinar, sponsored by Samsung and part of rAVe’s exclusive webinar partnership with Almo Pro A/V, is free and will take place Thursday, Dec. 17 at 2 p.m. EST. Register here: https://www.almoproav.com/education/list/webinars. Note: This webinar is limited to only 1,000 participants, and it WILL FILL UP. So register today!