Rants and rAVes — Episode 1007: I Talked to Both the AVIXA/InfoComm and ISE Show Leadership to Get the Facts About the 2021 Events

rants and raves 1007

I was honored to have both the managing director of ISE, Mike Blackman, and the CEO of AVIXA, Dave Labuskes, on my videocast Thursday. The subject? The earlier-this-week show shuffle that ended with ISE’s European-centered AV mega show and the famed InfoComm show both scheduled for June 2021. After watching this, you’ll be convinced this plan is a great one. Not only do they directly address what they think exhibitors should do (splitting time and resources between the 1-4 June ISE Show and the June 16-18 InfoComm event), but they also have a suggestion for those of you who might want to go to both events next summer! So watch this, please.