Rants and rAVes – Episode 988: Need IT Expertise? NPower Has a Unique Way for You to Find It

Rants and rAVes episode 988

Alexis La Broi, of VER, introduced us to nPower last week and we decided to highlight the nPower program as part of today’s videocast. nPower creates pathways for launching digital careers for military veterans and young adults from underserved communities. And, they focus on developing and teaching IT expertise. This provides AV integrators with an opportunity to hire entry-level IT professionals while also adding diversity to their organization! Watch this interview between nPower’s Regional Director, Sid Wilson, Alexis and Gary Kayye as they discuss how you can get involved and what the benefits and expertise you gain from hiring the graduates of the nPower program! NPower currently operates in New York, Texas, California, Maryland, Toronto, New Jersey, Missouri, and Michigan.