Radio Active Designs Updates UV-1G Wireless Analog System

radio active designs uv 1g

Radio Active Designs updated the UV-1G wireless analog intercom system. The six-channel intercom system – which operates primarily in VHF — meets the EU’s Low Voltage, RoHS, Radio Equipment and EMC directives. It has been in high demand in Europe since its debut in 2019.

The RAD UV-1G base station utilizes Enhanced Narrow Band technology, which enables the unit to occupy a mere 25 kHz of bandwidth in the UHF range, severely minimizing its UHF footprint. The body packs operate in VHF, which has more open bandwidth in Europe. In addition, because the UV-1G is analog, it can be coordinated and licensed, making it superior for events with multiple independent users. Fortunately, one set of antennas supports an unlimited number of belt packs.

The UV-1G has been field-proven regularly on such projects as rocket launches and maintenance operations, NBC Studio NY, Disney World, Orlando, and many sports and entertainment venues. Scene Change presets allow every RAD pack to tune across multiple base stations for up to 20 wired intercom channels and 40 independent talk paths. Users can easily change belt pack parameters, including radio frequencies, button assignments, talk paths, and audio channels.