Radial Engineering Ships Catapult Mini TX and RX

The Radial Catapult Mini is the latest addition to the modular Catapult snake system, which provides the ability to drive four analog audio channels over a single shielded Cat5 cable. The Catapult Mini TX (transmitter) and RX (receiver) both feature a compact steel chassis with a hardwired fan-out to four XLR connectors, providing a simple and rugged solution for delivering balanced analog audio between any two destinations without signal loss or degradation.

What makes the Catapult system unique is that it connects via Cat5 Ethernet cable. As many buildings are already pre-wired for Cat5, the Catapult Minis can take advantage of this to transmit audio between distant rooms without the need to install or supply new cabling.

All of the Radial Catapult modules are compatible with each other and each is sold individually, providing the option to mix and match as needed. The Catapult Mini TX and RX can be used together as a pair to create a compact four-channel audio snake or they can be matched with other Catapult modules that include splitting capabilities or transformer isolation.

List for the Radial Catapult Mini is $89 and here are the details.