Qwikster, the new DVD mailing service, or is it?


qwiksterSo by now all of you are done with the NetflixBlockbuster DVD mailing service fight, right? Good, because get ready for Qwikster!!??!! That’s right, yet another service that brings those discs (a soon to be dead technology in my opinion, but that’s another post) to your door for your viewing pleasure. In reality Qwikster dot com is just a new site that is oh so familiar, I wonder why it looks and feels so much like Netflix? Simply, because it is Netflix, well, sort of…Just in case you don’t read all the tech related blogs out there on the tubes (Netflix’s blog in specific), Reed Hastings (CEO of Netflix) has announced the separation (and frustration in my opinion) of what will now be two services from Netflix, in a round about way. Two separate services!!??!! Yes, two separate services and sites mind you, to get the same service as before, well almost. Hastings said you will still get your and my favorite part about Netflix (Streaming service) from the good old NF site, Huzzah! Unfortunately, if you get those soon to be (Much like AOL discs) coasters and Frisbees, you now will have to go to register, re-enter account, and billing info at a new (but very familiar looking and feeling) site dubbed “Qwikster”.

So, knowing that you have to visit 2 sites now for the same service (well, almost same service, I’ll cover that in a second), will you still stay with them, and add the new service? I said new service, not because of the different site, but, because over at Qwikster, they have added to the disc service (And I feel that they should add to streaming as well, because of my premonition of soon to be coaster talk) of gaming!!! I would just like to say, It’s about time, I mean seriously, how is it possible that this has never happened to Netflix, or Um, I mean “Qwikster” (I already don’t like that name) in the past? Sure, there was and still is GameFly (Which I think they should have bought years ago, and may end up doing so if this whole Qwikster thing with the added gaming aspect takes off, should do), but I can’t be the only one who had this idea years ago.

According to Hastings, pricing will stay the same (although inconvenience will increase); you will just have to visit two different sites to get them now. I can see the initial reluctance to want to sign up for yet another service (even though it’s really the same), I know I’m not ready to hassle with the five minutes it will take me to type out my info to get my magical discs that let me be immersed in movie land goodies. I kid; yes I may end up taking 5 minutes to re-sign up if you will because I want access to all those games for the Wii, Playstation 3, and my personal favorite, the Xbox360.

So, are you ready for these changes that may or may not affect your day to day lifestyles? Love it or hate it, its coming, so just be aware.  Also, on a side note: Let me know in the comments below, or on the tubes/matrix (Where you can find me 24/7) what you think prior to signing up and afterwards, or even if you think this is super lame sauce with cheese, then say that, I’d love to hear what you have to say.