Quividi Now Partnering With Vistar Media

Quividi VistarMedia

Quividi announced a partnership Thursday with Vistar Media, a global provider of programmatic technology for DOOH. Quividi’s audience analytics will now be accepted in the Vistar exchange as network impression metrics. Vistar Media and Quividi share a global footprint, with joint DOOH partners in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Through this partnership, media owners can get the accurate impression data necessary to transact programmatically.

AdMyTV, a provider that enables screen owners to connect to programmatic ad platforms, is the first network to benefit from the collaboration. AdMyTV utilizes its PANDA (Programmatic Advertising Network Delivery Appliance) IoT device to allow screen owners to connect currently passive (non-revenue generating) place-based screens to the Vistar programmatic platform.

AdMyTV has been using Quividi’s platform to measure the audience of its community of screens for the past year. Using Quividi’s data, AdMyTV is now opening its growing inventory to agencies and brands, who can place their buys programmatically through Vistar’s ad exchange.