Quividi Releases New Digital Signage Analytics Package with A/B Testing

gmc_acadia_posterscope_eye-1216Quividi intros its new real-time analytics suite for digital signage for adding creative capabilities and deep understanding of consumer engagement (i.e., analytics) for campaigns running on DOOH screens. With the VidiStudio scenario designer, agencies and network operators now create complex face- and context-reactive content, that can run on any CMS supporting HTML5, without any coding skills and with no human intervention needed once in the field.

The content will be contextually triggered against our real-time analytics, on the basis of criteria such as distance to screen, gender, age, mood and attention duration of the audience, but also on the basis of external events such as touch, gesture, product hand picks, weather, traffic conditions and so on.

quividi_large-1216Agencies and network operators can also now benefit from a very granular level of understanding of their contents’ performance. All campaigns can be scrutinized on a second-by-second level, on the same range of KPIs.

With these rich insights, customers get the definitive demonstration of the impact of their communication on their target audience and can tell precisely which part of their content generated the most engagement. Also, Quividi introduced a new A/B/n testing service. Agencies and network operators will be able to test, in real conditions, which version of a content works best with a specific target audience based on the attention it gathers, in an easy to implement and bias-free approach.

Here are the details.