Quarterly ClickShare firmware release takes security to a new level

Clickshare SecurityKortrijk, Belgium, 16 December 2019 – With the release of ClickShare software update 1.9.1, Barco steps up security and functionality of its wireless presentation and collaboration system.

Barco ClickShare products are designed with security, privacy and confidentiality in mind, and with every quarterly software release new features and fixes are added to the product range. Next to being ISO27001 certified, Barco also has a Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) that continuously monitors privacy and security risks on our portfolio and drives security improvements to ensure ClickShare maintains its earned reputation as one of the most trusted wireless collaboration tools on the market.

The newest December update from Barco addresses, amongst others, a set of exposures discovered through ethical hacking.

“In October of this year, consultants from F-Secure reached out and shared that they had managed to gain access to our ClickShare solution,” explains Michael Vanderheeren, Director Product Management. “By upgrading to our 1.9.1 software release, customers can further harden their devices and continue enjoying the best experience and security on their ClickShare. We strongly recommend all customers to upgrade to this latest version.”

How to play safe, now and in future

PSIRT expert David Martens adds: “Security flaws always sound very scary, as most of us think of intercepting information, installing malware or retrieving passwords. To date, we have not received any reports of vulnerabilities being exploited in the wild, and when upgraded to the 1.9.1 software, the only way to get access to confidential information will be through physical access to the ClickShare Base Unit. Simply put: unless you go through the hassle of tampering with the electronics inside the Clickshare hardware, you will not get access to any information.”

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Updating ClickShare units can be done through the ‘auto-update’ function in the product, or by using the free XMS (Cloud) Management platform. For units that are not connected to the network, updates can be downloaded and installed here.

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