Quantum Media Systems Announces DCI Compliance of its XDR3 LED Video Wall

quantum systems dci compliance

The XDR3 LED Video Wall from Quantum Media Systems was designed and engineered exclusively for high-end home cinemas. Now, Quantum adds another compelling content choice — first-run movies available via the exclusive movie distribution service, the Bel Air Circuit.

Digital content from the Bel Air Circuit is streamed through Quantum’s recent compliance with system requirements and specifications established by the Digital Cinema Initiative. DCI support and Bel Air Circuit integration further differentiate the XDR3 LED Video Wall from other large-format displays on the market, providing systems integrators yet another selling feature for their high-end clientele.

The XDR3 LED Video Wall “enhances viewing enjoyment of Bel Air Circuit movies and other content through brightness up to 1000 nits, immersive image display technology with Fine-Pitch LED and high-performance image processing to produce a full, vibrant color spectrum and High Dynamic Range (HDR).”

The XDR3 LED Video Wall requires just four inches of total build-out depth, which makes it look like a natural extension of the wall — an artistic expression rather than a random piece of technology. The low profile of the XDR3 LED Video Wall also saves space.