QSC Unveils QIO Series Network I/O Expanders

qsc qio series network i o expanders

QSC announced the QIO Series network I/O expanders for the Q-SYS cloud-manageable audio, video and control Platform. The QIO Series includes three Audio I/O models and three Control I/O models, each supporting a specific connectivity type. Designed to support distributed, centralized or hybrid networks and processing architectures, these I/O expanders enable designers to decouple the location of device I/O from the audio, video and control processing. This expands the I/O customization possibilities of the newer Q-SYS Core processors that have fewer onboard I/O options, including the Core Nano, Core 8 Flex and NV-32-H (Core Capable). All models feature a compact form factor that can be rack- or surface-mounted.

Audio I/O models feature professional mic/line level inputs with +48 VDC phantom power and/or line outputs, along with microphone detection on inputs to enable monitoring, usage statistics and failure notifications.

  • QIO-ML4i: Four mic/line inputs.
  • QIO-L4o: Four line outputs.
  • QIO-ML2x2: Two mic/line inputs and two line outputs.
  • QIO-IR1x4: For the first time on a native Q-SYS Product, integrators can add IR control connectivity. It includes one IR receiver input and four IR emitter outputs, enabling control for any number of professional/consumer devices including video displays, media players and more.
  • QIO-S4: Featuring four bi-directional RS232 serial ports (including on port with RS422 and RS485 compatibility), it enables control over lighting systems, video displays, conference systems, broadcast devices and more.
  • QIO-GP8x8: Provides eight logic inputs and eight logic outputs for systems needing to interface with occupancy sensors, push buttons, LED indicators, buzzers and more.
    With the QIO Series, integrators can daisy-chain up to four Q-SYS QIO devices on a single network run (with local daisy-chained DC power) to consume fewer network ports. Alternatively, the QIO Series are also PoE capable providing simple, single cable connectivity when devices are not daisy-chained.