QSC Intros Three New Products to Q-SYS Platform for Upgraded Conferencing Experience

QSC Q SYS Platform

QSC added new products to the Q-SYS Platform, including the NC Series network conference cameras and TSC Series Gen 3 network touch screen controllers. The new scalable products are native to the Q-SYS OS and integrate with any Q-SYS system.

The new NC Series includes three camera models: the Q-SYS NC-110, a fixed-lens ePTZ camera featuring a 110-degree horizontal field-of-view with digital zoom capabilities; the new Q-SYS NC-12×80 (12x optical zoom, 80-degree horizontal FOV); and the Q-SYS NC-20×60 (20x optical zoom, 60-degree horizontal FOV). All NC Series cameras include hardware to allow mounting above or below displays.

The NC Series allows as many Q-SYS IP camera streams on the network as necessary for the application. A Q-SYS USB-enabled edge device enables decoding, scaling, and bridging to the host PC/computer. A consolidated AV stream is then delivered to any modern videoconferencing application like Microsoft Teams Rooms, Zoom Rooms or Google Meet via a single driverless USB connection.

QSC Q SYS Platform 2Q-SYS TSC Series Gen 3 is available in three sizes: the TSC-50-G3 (5-inch), TSC-70-G3 (7-inch) and TSC-101-G3 (10.1-inch). Integrated ambient light sensors for brightness and a new design for the 7-inch and 10-inch products offer customizable RGB LED status to indicate call/mute status, room-in-use and proximity sensors that wake screens on approach.

Integrators can deploy customizable user control interfaces (UCIs) with a drag-and-drop UCI Editor within Q-SYS Designer Software, the singular software used to build UCIs, DSP and control programming. Designers can further standardize the design deployment of UCIs with the optional use of cascading style sheets (CSS) and the newly released UCI Controller.