QSC Intros Eight-Channel CXD-Q Series Network Processing Amplifiers for the Q-SYS Platform

QSC has introduced the CXD-Q and CXD-Qn eight-channel network processing amplifiers. Designed specifically for integration with the Q-SYS Platform, these amplifiers can take advantage of a “whole system” design philosophy where they can be configured and managed like all other elements of a Q-SYS system. The CXD-Q Series also features its Flexible Amplifier Summing Technology (FAST), which enables the ability to combine up to four channels for higher output power.

These models are capable of providing up to 8,000-watt peak and 5,000-watt continuous with low-Z, 70-volt or 100-volt direct drive available on all channels. The “Q” models offer eight channels mic/line input directly on the back of the amplifiers acting as a Q-SYS on-ramp for additional amplification. By contrast, the analog inputs have been removed on the “Qn” models, which help reduce system cost when a purely networked amplifier is needed. Both models include eight bi-directional GPIO connections that can be used for analog or digital inputs or outputs to/from the Q-SYS Platform.

Housed in a 2U rack-mount configuration, the eight-channel CXD-Q Series models replace equipment taking up nearly three times the rack space. Here are all the details.