QSC Announces ILA v2 System

QSC has introduced its new ILA (Installation Line Array) v2 System. Representing the second generation design of the lightweight, compact line array, ILA v2 comes to Stagers as a turnkey package including dedicated full-range and subwoofer loudspeaker components, processing, amplification, and suspension accessories. Designed for live events, ballrooms, convention centers, or any other venue seeking premium sound.  Although not totally portable, it’s a major step-up from most  “portable” systems and is pre-packaged with a complete audio sound system.

In addition, the design of the ILA v2 subwoofers is such that they may be suspended at the top of an array using QSC’s standard FP2082-i array frame. When trim height is limited, the subs may be suspended behind the array using an available extension bar (model EB2082-i).  As an aid to determining the array position and box-to-box splay angles in any ILA v2 system, EASE Focus software can be downloaded free from QSC’s website at http://www.qscaudio.com

Just two questions:

1.  I thought ILA already stood for Image Light Amplifier? Anyone old enough to remember Hughes? JVC?

2.  If we’re marketing to stagers, why call it “Installation?”  Seriously, the specs and size look good though.