Q1 Sales of 1000+ Lumen Projectors Grows 6 Percent

Pacific Media Associates (PMA) Q1 report on 1000+ lumen projector sales shows growth at 6 percent.

“Ever since flat panel displays became large enough to be used in business meeting rooms and home theaters there have been predictions of the demise of projectors from manufacturers — of both projectors and flat panels — as well as pundits, the press, etc.,” says William Coggshall, president of PMA. “Of course, ANY industry experiences a slowing of growth as it ages and increasingly saturates its potential market… whether or not it has strong competition from alternative technologies. The projector industry is over 20 years old, so the 6 percent growth rate measured by PMA’s comprehensive worldwide quarterly census is strong proof that the projector business is healthy. Of course, we all know some markets and applications that are moving to flat panels, and PMA is tracking these moves and taking them into account in our forecasts.”

To survive, any industry needs to innovate and change so, like a sports team, it needs a strong offense. Some recent examples of this offense are developments in short-throw projectors, interactive projectors, PC-free presentations and solid state illumination (laser, LED and hybrid).

But a sports team also needs a strong defense. On June 12, Coggshall will make a presentation at the Projection Summit 2012 conference titled “Playing Defense in the 2012 Projector Business,” and is now previewing the reasons that some — or many — projector manufacturers might need to seek better defensive strategy and tactics than they now have.

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