Q-SYS Announces PL Series Family of Installation Loudspeakers

q sys pl series

Q-SYS just announced the PL Series, a new family of installation loudspeakers designed for entertainment, auditoriums, houses of worship, theaters, small sports venues and more. Q-SYS PL Series includes a wide range of form factors (line array, point source and subwoofer), allowing integrators a way to install audio in unique spaces. When paired with the power of the Q-SYS Platform, including Q-SYS processing and network amplifiers, PL Series lets integrators take advantage of simplified setup and custom voicings (Intrinsic Correction), telemetry, monitoring and customizable end-user control.

For applications requiring higher performance audio, PL Series feature a weatherized enclosure (IP54 rating) in a range of options:

  • PL-LA models are two-way passive line arrays (8″ and 12″) ideal for front-of-house needs in small to medium-sized venues. Integrators can deliver simplified deployment and amazing sonic performance through custom voicings and filter sets by pairing with native Q-SYS network amplifiers. In addition, they feature QSC Length-Equalized Acoustic Flare (QSC LEAF) waveguide providing superior acoustic performance through highly optimized internal sound paths.
  • PL-DC models are two-way point source loudspeakers with directivity control. The dual-4″ and dual-6″ are ideal as stage fills, delays or under balcony fills, while the 8″ and 12″ can act as delays or be deployed in distributed systems. The three larger models also include reconfigurable half-horn assemblies that enable more control over the sound coverage area for optimal design flexibility.
  • PL-SUB are passive subwoofers (10″, 12″, 15″ and 18″) that offer a range of size options, all in a compact form factor. Additionally, the two larger subwoofers offer omnidirectional or cardioid coverage when deploying two or more subwoofers.
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As a native Q-SYS endpoint, integrators can take advantage of the full-featured Q-SYS Controlengine. Furthermore, enlisting Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager enables full remote monitoring and management from anywhere.

InfoComm attendees can hear the PL Series in action on June 14-16 at the Q-SYS Demo Room W224F and the entire line is here: