Q-SYS Acquires AI-Camera Company Seervision

q sysQ-SYS announced the company acquired Seervision, a Swiss-based industry pioneer in AI-driven camera automation software. The acquisition “accelerates the Q-SYS strategy to develop and deliver a scalable and flexible software platform with intelligent audio, video and control technology that supports integration with leading unified communications & videoconferencing applications in the era of post-pandemic hybrid work.”

Seervision’s camera automation software combines years of research in multi-camera control with deep expertise in real-time optimization, machine learning, and predictive motion models to automatically predict and track a person’s movements. Integrating into existing AV/IT ecosystems, the software can control multiple pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras with smooth, broadcast-quality motions that rival the capabilities of human-operated cameras, delivering an immersive collaboration and viewing experience. As with the Q-SYS software-based Platform, Seervision’s software is architected to be hardware agnostic and delivers many unique capabilities including:

  • Using audio- and vision-based signals, Seervision autonomously triggers specific actions and workflows based on the person’s location in the room. This dynamic scene-understanding technology is unique to Seervision and allows for a truly automated and seamless operation.
  • AI-assisted camera operation with adaptive full-body detection and tracking Seervision’s advanced auto-tracking recognizes and tracks a subject based on full-body identification, creating a unique visual ID for each detected subject from multiple reference points, increasing reliability and robustness compared to alternative motion-tracking solutions.

Seervision’s software solutions automate video production workflows in high-impact spaces across many sectors and use cases including auditoriums, boardrooms, classrooms and teaching spaces, flexible rooms, large meeting rooms, stages, event spaces and studios. Specific application examples in use today include:

  • The Seervision Suite combines networked audio-visual triggers with leading PTZ camera auto-tracking to enable fully automated, multi-camera operation for video conferencing and high-impact spaces. Seervision’s scene-understanding uses visual and audio inputs to give PTZ cameras, and any device in an AV installation, the ability to see and react live to activity happening in the room. Seervision adapts the shot and frames the person perfectly even in a changing environment, keeping all the subjects shown in the same size without the need for fixed zoom values or presets.
  • In presentation or higher education applications, Seervision’s solution delivers high-quality, dynamic video content that delivers a better experience and increases engagement for participants and students in remote or hybrid environments. Seervision’s trigger zone and tracking zone features, combined with intelligent full-body camera control and tracking, enable cameras to autonomously follow a subject and correctly frame them or the whiteboard, ensuring a stress-free experience for the presenter or lecturer.