PureLink Tries to Make VIP-100 IP System Better with New User Interface

purelink-vip-1216The newly designed VIP-100 II allows users to add video, audio, RS232 and matrix switching capabilities over IP networks. The “Mark II” version of the VIP-100 claims to make setup and operation simpler with the addition of an LED channel display, IR remote control and front panel plus/minus buttons, allowing users to easily change channels on the transmitter and receiver modules.

The VIP 100 II provides point-to-point extension at distances up to 394 feet (120 meters) providing up to a 64×190 matrix switching system or as much as a 64x65K system, based on Class B networks. The VIP-100 II also adds RS232 distribution, which contributes even further to its switching capabilities. Additionally, every encoder and decoder can be powered from network switches that provide 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE).


  • Support resolutions up to Full HD/1080p
  • LED channel display
  • Front panel channel plus/minus buttons
  • IR remote control for familiar channel selection
  • PoE – power encoders/decoders from 802.3af PoE network switches
  • RS232 and IR extension/distribution
  • HDMI Loop out on Transmitter
  • HDCP compliant

All the specs are here.