Pure Resonance Audio Intros 3.8″-Deep, Affordable SP8 SoundPlane Ceiling Tile Speaker

Pro Resonance Audio SP8 SoundPlane Ceiling Tile SpeakerThe SP8 SoundPlane ceiling tile speaker is the newest addition to Pure Resonance Audio’s drop tile speakers, adding an affordable drop tile solution. The Pure Resonance Audio SP8 is only 3.9″ deep, making it a good option for suspended ceiling spaces where deeper standard speakers will not fit. This low-profile design fits into standard 2’x2′ ceiling tile grids and does not require cutting holes or modifications for installation. The completely flat white speaker grille blends right in with most acoustic drop ceiling tiles.

The SP8 contains a full-range 8″ treated paper main cone driver and a secondary high frequency cone with a 10 ounce magnet. A built-in adjustable 70-volt 10-watt transformer is conveniently located on the side of the back-box, making the SP8 well-suited for use in commercial distributed audio installations such as business offices, retail stores, restaurants, education, hospitality, transportation areas and more.

The SP8 SoundPlane ceiling speaker is engineered for voice, music, sound masking and paging, the SP8 is both a versatile and cost-effective solution. It provides precise and defined sound while saving installation time and expenses. Pure Resonance Audio says the SP8 only takes a few minutes to install — just remove one ceiling title, drop in the speaker and attach your wire and safety cables.

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