Pure Resonance Audio Adds 70-Volt Outdoor Surface-Mount Speaker

pure resonance audio outdoor surface mount

Pure Resonance Audio just launched a 70-volt outdoor surface mount speaker, the S6. A big brother to the smaller S5, this 6.5″ all-weather commercial speaker is designed for foreground and background music, paging and general-purpose audio in any indoor or outdoor business setting.

Water-resistant IP65 rated, the S6 ensures protection against direct contact with water and dust and a matching 180-degree mounting bracket allows for quick and easy installation on the wall, under awnings and overhangs. The S6 low-frequency driver is 2 inches larger than the S5, making is a better 70V outdoor speaker considering ambient noise.

The S6 70-volt outdoor speaker offers 60 watts of continuous performance and a full-range frequency response of 80 – 16kHz with average sensitivity of 92 dB SPL.

The all-weather speaker enclosure on the S6 includes a 1″ high-frequency silk membrane driver fo clarity and a 6.5″ low-frequency driver for lows. The 6.5″ polypropylene cone woofer provides low moisture absorption, decreased distortion and UV resistance for stability and smooth, well-damped sound quality regardless of the conditions.

Pure says its ideal for restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, hospitality venues, boutiques, shops, retail stores, fitness gyms, washrooms, shower rooms, cleanrooms, parks, schools, classrooms, training rooms, conference rooms, as well as corporate AV or any commercial environment in need of high-end sound. Here are the details: https://www.pureresonanceaudio.com/products/pure-resonance-audio-s6-70v-outdoor-surface-mount-speaker