Pure Resonance Audio Introduces Micro Ceiling Speaker

PureResonancePure Resonance Audio introduced a new type of “micro” ceiling speaker that has three mounting options in the same enclosure. The Pure Resonance Audio C3 3” micro ceiling speaker is designed with different mounting systems and can be installed as a traditional ceiling speaker, as a pendant speaker or drywall-mounted — and, it’s aimed at commercial installs.

The C3 attaches and blends into drop ceiling tiles with the screw-on Easy-Mounting threaded mounting ring. When mounted with the pendant cover kit, speaker wire and integrated safety cable, the C3 becomes a pendant speaker that is designed for open-architecture high ceiling environments and other spaces where hanging pendant speakers are needed. For conventional drywall ceilings with no above ceiling access, the C3 can be installed with the drywall mounting ring kit, allowing it to blend in with the aesthetics of any flat or smoothly textured ceiling.

The Pure Resonance Audio C3 is for both music and vocals. It features an 8-ohm and 70-volt tap, as well as a power tap transformer switch which allows for selectable inputs of 8-ohm or 70V/100V applications, allowing the C3 to be used for background music, paging and ambient sound masking for offices, retail stores, coffee shops, restaurants, hospitality venues, reception/waiting rooms, lounges, foyers, hallways and auxiliary spaces.