Pure Resonance Audio Adds New 70-Volt Surface-Mount Loudspeakers for Outdoor

pure resonance audio s6.1 s8.1

Pure Resonance Audio just unveiled the S6.1 and the S8.1, two 70-volt surface mount loudspeakers for outdoor applications.

The S6.1 and the S8.1 offer “high-fidelity audio with exclusive Optimal Bass Enhancement radiator technology that delivers an enhanced low-end for a richer and more robust full-range sound while maintaining an IP65 rating for indoor and outdoor applications.” Additionally, both UV-protected 70V outdoor surface mount speakers claim to be easy to mount vertically or horizontally on walls, under awnings, overhangs, press boxes and more. These all-weather speakers, with a built-in 70-volt/100-volt tap transformer and an 8-ohm bypass, are “perfect for foreground and background music, paging, announcements, and general-purpose audio.”

The two models differ by size and power. The S6.1 is more compact, encompassing a 6.5-inch graphite woofer and 1-inch silk tweeter while boasting an 80Hz – 20kHz full-range frequency response, with 20 watts and an 86 dB SPL sensitivity.

On the other hand, the larger S8.1 encompasses an 8-inch graphite woofer and 1.1-inch silk tweeter while boasting a 55Hz – 20kHz full-range frequency response, with 25 watts and an 87 dB SPL sensitivity.

The Pure Resonance Audio S6.1 and Pure Resonance Audio S8.1 70-volt outdoor speakers will hit the market this spring of 2023.