Pure Fi USB-C Active Optical Cable Now Available

pure fi usb aoc

Pure Fi just unveiled the new Pure Fi USB Type-C Active Optical Cable (AOC). As one of the first USB-C active optical cables offering speeds of up to 40 Gbps up to 30 feet, this new cable is “ideal for applications that require high-speed connectivity between devices not located in close proximity to one another.” The Pure Fi USB-C AOC offers bidirectional connectivity across a range of current and legacy USB devices. Compatible with the latest USB4 and Thunderbolt 3 & 4 devices, the new cable offers the ultimate plug-and-play simplicity for virtually any application that demands a reliable, high-speed connection.

Pure Fi’s new USB-C active optical cable serves a range of connectivity needs, and excels in specialty applications that require high-speed connections over long distances:

  • Virtual Reality — While many consumer-grade virtual reality solutions can function “untethered,” certain VR applications benefit from the ability to connect to a PC via USB-C. Connecting directly to a computer is preferable for VR games that require significant processing power to render fully immersive experiences. Similarly, professional VR applications across a growing number of fields also benefit from hardwired VR connectivity to ensure a seamless VR experience. And with a cable diameter of just .2 inches, the Pure Fi USB-C AOC’s sleek form factor ensures connectivity without being “encumbered by thicker cabling options.” Lastly, the ability to deliver up to 60W of power over USB-C is ideal for VR applications, as the cable delivers a steady charge for hours of uninterrupted use.
  • Peripheral Placement Flexibility — Most computing peripherals ship with a standard USB cable that’s adequate for connecting a device on one’s desktop. In the case of an SSD, for example, most ship with a 2- or 3-foot cable suitable only for desktop use. Pure Fi’s new USB-C AOC allows customers to place peripherals up to 30 feet away from the desktop. This gives users the freedom to place external drives and other peripherals in a closet or in another room, moving noise and heat production away from the workspace. And because the new AOC delivers power via the cable itself, there’s no need for an additional power source.

Pure Fi USB Type-C Active Optical Cables are available now. The new cables come in lengths of 3 meters (10 feet), 5 meters (15 feet) and 10 meters (30 feet). Suggested retail pricing for the Pure Fi USB Type-C AOC is $99, $129 and $199, respectively. All the details are here: shop.pure-fi.com