Pulling My Hair Out #CTS

photo on 5-15-12 at 3.26 pmI’m 15 and 1/2 days away from taking the CTS exam.

Yeah, I’ve been studying. I’ve been reading through my handwritten notes, my class notes, my outlines, study guides, the awesome blog post Scott Largent wrote, etc.

But I totally don’t feel prepared yet.

I mean, I get the big picture, I get the big concepts, but when it comes down to memorizing mathematical formulas (may I remind you how bad I am at math?), knowing the real difference between RS232 and RS422, or CODECs, or uses for CAT-5 vs. CAT-6, etc. cables, my mind starts to freeze and I go into a sweaty-awkward-‘drink four Diet Cokes’-panic.

I’m 15 and 1/2 days away. 

I’m starting to feel like I’m going to fail. I don’t want to want to fail. I want to pass. I, SO BADLY, want to pass. But for this creative, left-handed, right-brained, numbers-and-specs-hurt-my-head kind of woman, I get these overwhelming feelings of stress and self-doubt.

Can I do it?

Can I pass? 

What information will I use in the future? How can I make some of this content more approachable from a “Ahhhh I got this!” standpoint.

Am I even making sense? I know I’m probably getting a little too honest on this here blog post, but I figure if I’m going through these sort of test-taking stressors that I might not be the only one.

So, yeah. Tell me… am I nuts? Do you feel like this when it comes to test-taking? Or the CTS exam? Or life?

I’m usually such an easy going, relaxed person that I don’t know what to do when I DO end up feeling like this.

Help, y’all.