How to Get From Here to There and Everywhere at ISE 2023

Barcelona Public Transportation

ISE 2023 is almost here, which means it’s time to pull out the suitcase, dust off the passport and read this fun-filled article that breaks down everything you need to know about transportation in Barcelona, Spain.

First up, yes, there are Ubers, and I would highly suggest taking one from the airport to your hotel. I know you’re excited about taking the metro but trust me, it will not be fun with a big suitcase (speaking from experience). Another option is to take a taxi, and good news — they accept credit cards or cash!

However, once you’ve settled in and unpacked your luggage, it’s time to venture out and take on the public transportation system. I know that sounds scary, but with a little research (aka my article) and a lot of confidence, you’ll make it to the Fira with no problems.

The first thing you need to do is download the TMB app.

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Once you download the app, the rest is a breeze. The TMB app allows you to put in your current location and then the address of your destination and will give you numerous ways to get there with estimated times for each route. Think of it as the Google Maps of the metro and buses.

You can also filter your results to show only the metro or only buses; I highly suggest only taking the metro if possible. Last year we tried the bus, and let’s just say a few co-workers have not let me forget the experience.

IMG 7969

So, when you get to the metro station, that’s when the real adventure begins. You need to buy a ticket. Almost all machines take credit cards, but it would be good to bring cash just in case.

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ISE will give you a four-day ticket once the show starts, so make sure you remember to pick yours up at the front desk. DO NOT throw this ticket away once you use it; it will continue to work for four days after its first use.

Once you enter the metro station, plenty of signs will direct you to where your metro is. However, keep in mind the metro goes both ways. You must ensure you’re getting on the one going in the right direction. Then, you get on and off where the app tells you, with your final destination being the Europa | Fira stop for the convention center.

I promise it’s not as scary as it looks. So, treat yourself (at first) to that Uber, download that app, pick up that ticket and get on that metro!