Prysm Launches Next-Generation LPD Videowall Tile

prysm-nextgen-0613At InfoComm, laser phosphor display technology company Prysm introduced the next generation of its LPD videowall tile.

The new tile boasts resolution of 427×320 — a 78 percent increase in resolution per tile compared with the previous generation’s 320×240. An HD native-resolution display now requires a 5×4 array of the new tile, with a 117-inch diagonal (compared with 6×5 array and 150 inches diagonal for the original). LPD technology consists of three main parts: the laser engine, the laser processor and the phosphor panel. According to Prysm, compared to other digital technologies, LPD technology has the lowest total cost of ownership and offers highly-competitive features, benefits and usage possibilities.

You can see all the details here.